How to Grow your Hair Faster Naturally.

How to Grow your Hair Faster.

How to Grow your Hair Faster Naturally.

There are factors that causes hair breakage or poor hair growth. Hair falling out during combing, brushing or maybe during shampooing. Also, there are times you may feel that your hair has completely stopped growing. You must have heard many people say that there are shedding some hair. Shedding hair sometimes may be normal, however, amongst others, inadequate hair care routine, stress, poor diet, or poor environmental conditions could be a huge factor poorly hair growth. For  

5 Tips to Grow a Healthy Hair

1. Trimming the hair regularly:

Having splits ends make the hair appear thinner and unhealthy. It also prevent the hair from growing pass a point. Cutting off 0.8 to 1 inch of the hair every 2-3 weeks tend to get rid of split ends, and also preventing poor hair growth.

2. Lacking adequate hair routine:

Did you take a close look at your shampoo before using it on your hair. Most times, using products that contains too much synthetic and artificial ingredients are harsh and damaging on the hair. This harsh chemicals don't go well or balance well with the natural oils of the skin, and tend to dry out the hair which then causes hair breakage or fall out. 

Then secondly, 

sometimes it's your styling routine that's to blame when your starts to break or fall out. Using too much shampoo, while brushing or combing your hair when it's wet, rubbing hair dry with a towel, brushing too hard or too often weakens or strain the strands and make them break. 

Note* Braids and weaves that weight down the hair causes hair breakage.

Note* Stop using blow-dryers, flat/straightening irons, and curling irons on your hair because this equipment dries out your hair strands and make easier for them to break and fall out.

Note* Dyes and relaxer are damaging to the hair.

3. Reduce Stress

Sometimes stress is inevitable because we all deal with event that triggers stress on a daily basis. Besides the common effects of stress such as fatigue or headaches, stress also affect hair health. Due to stress, hair follicles can stop producing new strands, leading to hair breakage or fall out.

4. Eat Right

It is important to eat the right nutrients, have enough sleep and appropriate exercise for health growing hair. Healthy diet produce well-rounded healthy body which in turn is manifested in beautiful hair while poorly diet diminishes and damages hair. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals causes hair thinning, slow hair growth. 

5. Clean and healthy environment is vital.

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