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Meet the Founder & Owner of NANCYANDNATURALSCO INC.

Nancyandnaturalsco was born out of the passion and love for organic and naturals. We believed that what you put into your hair and skin should be sourced for from the natural world around us. It's an opportunity to share products of which its ingredients are naturally derived, with non-GMO, no fragrance, and synthetic-free. Nancyandnaturalco creates products that provide customers with original authenticity. Also, establishing a sustainable and friendly environment that is safe. We formulate with sustainable, organic and biodegradable ingredients.

Our mission is to promote selfcare and wellness, without the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic materials.

Our products are 100% handmade in small batches to ensure our customers have the rich effectiveness and the most luxurious quality. Transform your entire hair and skin care routine with cruelty-free products. We create CANDLES too for both retail and wholesale.

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